Microsoft Azure MVP award

A personal note…

I’m thrilled and truly honored to receive my first Microsoft MVP Award since last Friday. It has been always a dream for me to be part of this great family of almost 4000 people around the Globe. It is actually my 3th official vendor achievement besides VMware vExpert and Citrix CTA, which I’m really – really proud of! And also a huge dedication to my work!

Sharing my knowledge about different Microsoft Azure Cloud solutions and scenario’s resulted in the biggest recognition since I started almost 2 years ago with community work. It all started with the idea to do something back for the community, which I’d always used to gain my own general knowledge to next levels.

There is no denying that I’ve been very busy throughout the past year, resulted in almost 40 blogposts, presenting 3 public webinars and gave 3 presentations. It has been a great personal journey that brought me only good things in life and in my professional career. I’m going to expand my presentation work next year to bigger public stages.

I’ve got no direct answer what it actually takes to become a MVP, but I think that sharing everything about your passion without need to receive something back definitely puts you in the right direction. I do my best to help others. I’ll sometimes get the question how I keep motivated to keep writing and presenting, it must consume a lot of your free time? That’s definitely true, but on the other side hearing that people are thankful of what you write, keeps giving me the motivation to keep continuing! Seeing how many people take the time to leave a positive note on my blogs or came to me at public events to only say thank you. That’s definitely one of the most important reasons why I’m keep raising the bar for myself!

Expect more and more content and presentation work in the next upcoming months / year on my blog and other public events.

A big thank you for all the positive feedback through my social channels the last few days and of course for sharing my content throughout the past 2 years! See you soon on a public Microsoft, Citrix and/or VMware event around the globe!

Thanks for standing by, and have a great day!


Christiaan Brinkhoff

Christiaan Brinkhoff

Christiaan Brinkhoff

Christiaan Brinkhoff works as Cloud Architect and Technology Evangelist for the Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) and FSLogix team within Microsoft (ExtOps) and is the owner of IT Consulting. In addition to his work, he shares his passion for Cloud innovation by speaking at large international conferences, writing articles for vendors and external community programs, such as VDILIKEAPRO, WhatMatrix, as well as on his website. This community-related work got him the privilege to achieve the following three - Microsoft Valuable Professional (MVP) for Microsoft Azure, Citrix Technology Professional (CTP), VMware vExpert - vendor awards. There are currently only five people in the world that have all these titles combined.
Christiaan Brinkhoff